What should be paid attention to in the long-term operation of the knitting machine?

Update:18 May 2020

Some components of the knitting machine, such as spindl […]

Some components of the knitting machine, such as spindle support, sliding seat, etc., must be ensured the precise distance between the sliding seat and the lower spindle braiding line after maintenance, disassembly or replacement of new parts for reassembly. It is recommended to first place a sliding frame and the associated upper spindle to run on the sliding turntable, so that when the lower anchor braid is led from the swing bar to the knitting point, it will not be caught or cut by the sliding frame.
During coarse adjustment, put the spindles on the two adjacent outer spindle brackets, guide the braided wire to the braided point through the swing rod, and stack them tightly. When the braided wire enters or exits from the slot on the slide turntable track, the distance from the braided wire to the edge of the upper spindle sliding frame must be substantially equal. The adjustment of the distance can be achieved by changing the gear frame forward or backward by one or several gears.
If you can't reach the precise adjustment distance by moving one tooth, you can make fine adjustments according to the following steps: Loosen the five fixing screws on the inner ring gear. Due to the oval through hole, the inner ring gear can be moved to achieve fine adjustment of the sliding frame. Tighten the screws after adjusting in place. Place the remaining sliding racks evenly on the sliding ring track. If the swing height of the braided wire is different after the new swing rod is installed, it should be adjusted so that all the swing rods have the same stopping point.
When the knitting machine is in production, the equipment is in operation for a long time, and the static deformation and dynamic deformation of the machine are changing every moment, which gradually increases the local errors and system errors of the already fastened or connected components. Finally, the spatial relative position of some parts is moved, the process spacing changes, and the process state changes, resulting in a decline in product quality.
Regardless of whether the machine is running or not, its static shape always exists. After operation, dynamic deformation is added. These two deformations deform the thread of the nut and the screw, causing the coupling to loosen gradually, the gasket becomes thin after being pressed, the spring force of the spring washer decreases, and so on.
Use patrol inspection to see if the key technology components and fastening connection parts of each machine are loose, and fasten loose parts in time. Purchase standard fastening fittings from a designated national factory. Unified tightening operation method of fasteners, try to avoid insufficient tightening or excessive tightening, causing potential failure or shortening the service life of tightening parts.
In order to maintain the performance of the equipment, the equipment is inspected according to the standard, so that the abnormal state of the equipment can be discovered at an early stage, and the establishment of a patrol inspection system at the center of the inspection point is an important means of good maintenance work. The so-called inspection is to inspect the key parts and items of the equipment. Status maintenance always highlights the status, if the daily running equipment is inspected every day and every part.