What to do if the length of the fabric is different on both sides(2)

Update:03 Jun 2021

(2) Adjustment of the rear plate (away from the body) T […]

(2) Adjustment of the rear plate (away from the body)
The adjustment method of the rear plate is basically the same as that of the front plate, but before adjusting the rear plate, you should loosen the 2 screws fixing the needle plate at the 2 ends and the 2 fixing guide blocks at both ends, and then adjust the top plate screws, and then adjust the top plate. Before screwing, loosen the back cap of the top plate screw. It is better to adjust the top plate screw to be "quantified". It is necessary to adopt the method of fixing the top plate screw and the lower part of the back plate to solve the problem. Until the length of the longer fabric piece is the same on both sides, then fix each screw.
2. Different length adjustments when weaving double-sided fabrics
First, check and adjust the two needle beds of the flat knitting machine according to the above method, and knit the single-sided fabric separately. Whether the two sides of the knitted fabric are the same in length, if they are not the same, adjust them according to the above method first. In a needle bed, the two sides of the single-sided fabric woven separately are the same length. According to the truth, the two-plate woven fabric should not have the problem of different sides, but the problem often exists. The reason is: no front, The rear needle bed is absolutely in place. When knitting a single side only, because the knitted fabric is not very long, the difference is not very big, it is not easy to be noticed by people. In this case, there is no need to adjust the height of the needle bed as mentioned above. Just adjust the width of the seam on one side, so how to adjust the width of the seam on one side?
As you all know, at the bottom of the two needle plates, there are several springs of the thimble plate. You can adjust the screw at the bottom of any one of the needle plates with a hexagon socket screw. Adjusting this screw can change the seam between the two needle plates. size. The distance between the board seams should be increased or decreased. The specific decision should be based on the situation of the double-plate woven fabric. If the right side of the double-plate woven fabric is short, the seam on the right side should be increased or the seam on the left side should be reduced.
What I want to explain here is: this adjustment is a fine adjustment, and the adjustment range is very small. It will not affect the knitting of the veneer due to the adjustment of the seam (not at all, but the effect is very small and can be ignored). This adjustment is also It can be quantified by a simple method, which is to add or subtract spacers at the bottom of the two needle plates of the front and rear needle plates. When the spacers are placed at the corners of the needle plate on the side of the width of the seam, the seam will be reduced. Enlarged.
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