Will computer cross-overs replace artificial embroidery technology?

Update:15 Jun 2020

Because before the computer, the flying computer flat k […]

Because before the computer, the flying computer flat knitting machine embroidery was embroidered by the embroiderer who looked at the picture and handled it. Since the computer flat knitting machine was connected with the embroidery machine, software engineers and mechanical engineering teamed up will account for the vast majority of repetitive embroidery. Completed in the computer, dispose of a large amount of production and reduce costs. Computerized flat knitting machine embroidery is to embroider with computerized flat knitting machine embroidery machine.
Most of the computer flat knitting machines in China are rewritten according to foreign flat knitting machines. No matter from the plate-making system or mechanical principle, they are absorbed and improved on the basis of foreign flat knitting machines. Although the price is much lower than abroad, the function, accuracy, and wear resistance are also much worse. The frequency of doubts is also much higher than that of imported ones. Some manufacturers, although they have also announced the current relative price Computerized flat knitting machine with lower basic functions.