GD-04MJ Fully Computerized Single Cylinder Stockings Knitting Machine

"Jinhao" brand GD series type stockings machine is controlled by a computer system with a single cylinder four-woven Jacquard/Plain weave silk stockings machine.It adopts an independent exhaust fan or central exhaust system fabric stretch,the machine is equipped with torsion device.Needle rotation servo motor direct drive to reduce the transmission chain and transmission error,needle lift by the stepper motor control can have a different density,pressure lubricant for lubrication of needles,life and death and the election needle pieces.Computer-controlled production of socks,the whole process,style and quality.The machine can use synthetic fibers,synthetic fibers and bare spandex covered yarn and other raw materials to produce stockings and products,including pantyhose,long stocking,short socks,stockings and other nine points stockings product.

GD-04MJ Fully Computerized Single Cylinder Stockings Knitting Machine Details








Diameter: 4" 4-1/2"
Gauge: 20-32G
Needle number: 240-480 needles
Knitting system: 4 feeds
Power: 1.8KW
Voltage: 380V+10% Frequency: 50/60HZ
Electric current: 8.5A
Programming input: Input by USB
Actuator: Each feed with one piece 16 sections actuator
Speed: 450RPM(JACQUARD)/Maximum700RPM
Stitch density: The stitch density adjust to cylinder, stitch cam and sinker cam
Knitting function: Different selections of float rubber or knitted by all needles,which can make knitted plain,mesh and jacquard patterns,one course can knit 2-3 colors motif,jacquard in jacquard
Size: 2500x 1300x1300mm ( LxWxH)
Net weight: 350kg



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