GD-D 3.8 Computerized Gloves Knitting Machine

Model 3.8 GD-D can produce 15G/18G gauge glove knitting. 15G/18G gloves offer a fit and feel equivalent to that of bare hands,giving new meaning to the term fits like a glove. The increased sensitivity at the fingertips and improved freedom of movement make them perfect for high-precision assembly work, medical applications, and even for use as glove liners in special applications.

GD-D 3.8 Computerized Gloves Knitting Machine Details


●  Model 3.8 GD-D’s centralized lubrication system features lubrication to all required parts at the touch ora lever
●  The density adjustment system is the same as GD-D big carrier glove knitting machine. And it can be used on GD-D big carrier glove knitting machine. It reduce the spare parts cost
●  New drop sensor device can exactly sense the very thin and light gloves. And it drop the glove to pointed place
●  Model 3.8 GD-D also features a small carriage The ultra-compact, lightweight design yields lower moment of inertia torquicker, more responsive carriage returns for increased productivity, all while minimizing structural stress on the machine for increased durability



Model: Model 3.8 GD-D Computerized Gloves Knitting Machine
Gauge: 10,13,15,18
Max. Speed(rpm) Finger: 260~280rpm Pahn: 123-135rpm
Voltage,power: Single phase AC220V 250W
Stop Motion: Yarn break~delivery, motor overload, total piece count, power supply, etc.
Size: 1200mm (L) x 680mm (W) x 1700mm (H)
Net Weight: 230KG



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