GD-DB Fully Automatic Seamless Sock Flat Knitting Machine

Tile type of GD-DB is specia-lized in the production of five-toe socks with heel, take two sets as a group, one for left and the other one for right, so as to make a pair of five-toe socks with heel.

GD-DB Fully Automatic Seamless Sock Flat Knitting Machine Details

●  The quality of leg products depends on the heel, and the GD-DB's new picker mechanism is exceptional/'or heel knitting. The resulting products  fit perfectly and comfortably to the feet;

●  Socks usually begin to wear thin at the toes and heel, which makes the consumer doubt the over all quality oftheproduct. The GD-DB  tuck system, which tucks stitches to reinforce the toe and sole of the sock, ensures aximum durability and quality;

●  Stitch  controller  driven by  a  specially developed  step motor enables delicate control of stitch density for better conformity to irregularly shaped toes and heels. The GD-DB can therefore produce products of high quality which fit snugly and comfortably to the feet.



Model: Fully Automated Seamless Sock Flat Knitting Machine

Gauge: 10,13

Max. Speed(rpm): Finger:210rpm, Palm:ll0rpm

Lubrication: Automated centralized lubrication system

Voltage, power: 3 phase or single phase AC220V 250W

Stop Motion: Yarn break, overload, delivery, direction error,low battery,

total piece count, etc.

Size: 1240mm (L) x 880mm (W) x 1700mm (H)

Weight: 250kg



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