Jinhao intelligent high speed glove knitting machine

Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and manufacturing of knitting machinery. Intelligent high-speed glove knitting machine is a new and more suitable for modern production needs of an intelligent glove knitting machine, with high-speed, efficient, energy-saving, simple operation, low maintenance cost and small floor area.

Jinhao intelligent high speed glove knitting machine Details


●High speed:

The simple structure of the machine, the cam curve and the optimal design of the control device make the carriage of the knitting machine very small, adopt the servo motor to drive, the transmission parts are greatly reduced, so that the machine can adapt to the high-speed operation, and effectively reduce the vibration and noise of the machine

● High efficiency and energy saving:

The new intelligent machine adopts servo drive. The 700W servo motor can not only ensure the high-speed operation of the machine, but also achieve the purpose of energy saving and power saving, saving more than 40% energy compared with the traditional old model

The movement of cutter and stitch holder and the rotation of needle selecting drum are all controlled by step motor instead of mechanical control,

The carriage adopts synchronous belt drive, which makes the operation position more accurate and effective.

With the latest design of yarn cutting, gloves can achieve no thread end and reduce production cost without using compressed air

The optimal design of the control jack can make the needle selecting drum rotate forward and backward through the step motor control, which improves the diversity of the knitted gloves

● Simple operation:

The new intelligent machine adopts a 7 inch LED touch screen design. The knitting state and all the commonly used operations and settings are displayed on the first interface. It is clear at a glance that the original time-consuming cutters, stitch holder position and time adjustment, density adjustment and can be completed on the screen

The change of control mode also makes it more easy to change the knitting size of the machine. You only need to reset the needle selection pins according to the requirements, and then select the required size on the screen to achieve the purpose of changing the size.

●Low maintenance cost:

The simplification of the mechanical structure and the common use of the key quick-wear parts of the machine with the old models (needles, jacks, sinkers, brush, feeders, etc.), the majority of old customers do not need additional spare quick-wear parts when purchasing high-speed machines, and different types and specifications of machine parts have great interchangeability, which facilitates the maintenance and repair of users


Main technical parameters:

Model: GD-SG

Gauge: 7G, 10G, 13G, 15G, 18G, 7MQ(terry machine)


Outline size:1050*600*1650MM

Net weight:196KGS

Lubrication: automatic oil pump

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