GD-H122S/H142SA Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

Jinhao computerized flat-knitting machine pattern design system adopted the most advanced specific soft-ware in is available to program various patterns,including color jac-quard,and intarsia etc,and characteristic with easy-handling and quick-learnable,digital camera and scanner are also necessary to be prepared for pattern program,to make the production more efficient.

GD-H122S/H142SA Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Details




Model L W H Weight
GD-H122SA/B 2370mm 832mm 2050mm 1060KG
GD-H142SA/B 2600mm 832mm 2050mm 1160KG




Gauge 5G、7G、12G、14G、16G、MULTI-GAUGE.
Knitting width 48inch(122cm),56inch(142cm)
Knitting speed Servo motor driven,max in 1.2m/sec.
Knitting system Double cam system,single carriage
Knitting function It can realize manifold knitting methods,such as “knit”,“tuck”,“no knit”and“loop transfer”etc.due to the three-way-technique it could finish“knit”,“tuck”or“no knit”in onecam system.
Racking Servo motor driven,max 2-inch racking in left or right,1/2,1/4,3/4 pitch also available from any positionmand slight error can be compensated by fine-tuningfunction.with two cam systems,loops can be simultaneously transferred to front or rear bed,independent of carriage difection.
Sinker system Moveable revolving sinkers on both needle beds make the bulge fabric and full fashioned fabric knittableon the machine,even without any old loop(add,minus needle).
Stitch density Controlled by stepping motor,60section stitch selectable,adjustable scope supported by subdevision technology:0-800,the stitch of the knitwear can be accurately controlled.
Needle selection Eight level full jacquard selection via special solenoidactuators.
Yarncarrier Eight yarn carriers can be dropped off at any position of carrier rail accorading to program setting.
Take up device Main roller:moment motor controlled,31selectable levels,each level ha a range of 0-99 to be adjusted,sub roller,cooperate with sinkers to knit full-fashioned garment.
Yarn storage or yarn supplier(option) Especially suitable to knit yarns with low strength such as worsted yarn,rabbit hair yarn,high count cotton yarn.
Power-off protection Correct continuation of knitting process after power failure without any waste pieces.
Drive system Belt-driven.AC servomotor driven without limits.
Stop motion All necessary devices to stop the machine and give an alarm in case of yarn break,large knot,needle break,fabric press-off,wraparound check,needle smash,racking error,programerror,and pieces count etc.small knot cause several courses at lower speed.
Security devices Full darity safety cover for noise-suppressionand dust-proofing with warning marks.
Machine status lamp Green(normal operation),red(abnormal stop).
Control system 8.4”color LCD panels,all kinds of data are showed on and modification possible through it.we provide you to input pattern data,U disk.the memory on the machine is 128M,max goes to 512M,and large amount of pattern can be stored and selected to knit.the pattern design system is easy-handling and used for free,even more upgrading allowable.
Power Single phase AC 220V.
Power efficiency About 1.5KW.max 2.5KW.


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